Will This Curriculum Prepare My Student for College Level Writing?

My older daughter is currently a sophomore at our local state college. She's a humanities major (English and History), so she is doing quite a bit of writing. She's completed both required English Composition classes (I and II) as well as credits in World Civilizations I and II, World Literature I, Intro. to Humanities and Intro. to Anthropology. She's had A's in all of them, so I think that overall she was well-prepared for writing. I do have to say that she is a natural writer, having never really struggled with what to say or how to say it. However, she did have to work on editing, punctuation and the finer details of formatting and adhering to MLA or Chicago citation styles. Up to this p

Learning Languages

How did Charlotte Mason approach the teaching of foreign languages? How did this look in a general scope and sequence? To what main principles did she adhere? After studying a couple of articles published by the Parents’ Review and the pertinent sections regarding languages in her own books, I’ve gained a better general sense of how the teaching of languages should look if I wish to emulate Ms. Mason to some degree. Ideally, I like to take the main principles of which I agree and create an approach which incorporates these principles, modify or include some of her resources and add modern resources which fit or augment those principles. Here are just some of the main points of how a Charlott

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