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Program 2 -16th-18th Century History

Years 2-12


Program Guides will cover 3 Terms or 1 Year. Students will now begin to work through the programs according to historical time period divisions. Program 2 includes history approximately between the 16th and 18th Centuries.


For children in Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory or Year One, please see Foundations.

For more information about the programs, please see the notes and sequences which can be found on the Curriculum by Programs page.

Step 1: Lesson Guide


Program 2 Lesson Guides contain the lessons which accompany each specific year within each level.

Each guide will include program booklists and resources, pre-reading notes, reading schedules, recitation selections, teaching notes, narration prompts, natural history demonstrations, object lessons, literary technique lessons and much more.

Select the lesson guides which correspond to the level you need. If you do not require any supportive resources, then you may complete your purchase after this step. 


If you would like to add supportive resources to accompany your level, then go on to Step 2.

Step 2: Supportive Resources


Program 2 supportive resources include some books which have been republished for your convenience as well as Spotlights: Illuminating Great Artists & Musicians, which are mini guides covering an assortment of artists and composers for your study of the arts.


Select the supportive resources, such as republished books, which correspond to the level you purchased in Step 1. If you'd like to add any mini guides for your study of the arts, then choose any of these you prefer.


Once your choices have been selected and purchased, then you should have all that you need for a complete and thorough program for the year.


Republished Books


Lower School A


The First Book of Botany

by Eliza A. Youmans

Coming Soon!


The Arts







Students typically study 3 of each per year.


Spotlights: Illuminating Great Artists & Musicians

Spotlights Canva .png
Lower School B -Years 2-4

What's Included in Program 2: Lesson Guide for LSB

  • Three Terms of Complete Daily Lessons -One Year

  • Full 6 Week Lesson/Reading Schedule for all 36 weeks for Ease of Planning

  • Weekly At-A-Glance Lesson/Reading Schedule for Tracking

  • Complete Outline Guide [169 pages] is FREE with purchase of the Lesson Guide -includes Program Booklist & Resources, Poems for Recitation [Years 2-4] & Teaching Notes  

  • Includes Lessons for American History [16th-18th C.], British History [Y4}, World History [OPT], Geography, Poetry, Ballads, Historical & Narrative Poems [Y4], Literature, Recitation & Natural History

  • The Arts -Picture Study and Music Appreciation are Scheduled but You Choose Which Ones to Study [Spotlights: Illuminating Great Artists & Musicians Are an Optional Addition]

  • Natural History Includes Demonstrations, Experiments, Object Lessons and Concept Lessons.

  • 6 Literature Guides are Included in Each Program -Allowing You to Choose 4/5 of Your Favorite Books to Read Aloud to ALL LSB Students -No More Reading Multiple Books to Students in Different Years; All 6 Guides Are Included.

  • Literary Terms are Lightly Introduced as They Apply [OPT]

  • Many Resources Needed are Included in the Appendix -FREE

  • Other FREE Resouces are Conveniently Linked at the Website -Including Coloring Pages & Maps- See the Tab "Resources" on the Menu Bar

  • All Books Studied Include Pre-Reading Notes & Follow-Up Narration Prompts; Prompts are Varied and Interesting and Build Writing Skills

  • Additional Booklists for Free Reading and Reading Development & Fluency Are Also Included -Some Which Fit the Time Period Studied

  • All 3 Terms + the FREE Outline Guide = Almost 1500 Total Pages of Support

Click on Cover Page -the Link Will Take You to the Digital Shop Where a Generous Sample Can Be Found

Program 2 Lesson Guide for LSB CP2.jpg
Lower School A -Years 5-6
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