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Form VI; Year 12

Skill Subjects

Choose a book for religion, if you wish.

Choose a program for math.

Include dictation.

Include grammar.

Keep a literary terms notebook

Keep a commonplace book.

Keep an active reader notebook.

Include narrations of various types, including essays.

Include reading aloud.

Complete your modern language(s) and Latin, if added.

Include recitations.

Year Twelve was designed with a more creative and open approach in mind. The senior year is a year of preparation and transition, so Year Twelve was created to be open enough so that families who wanted students to take a dual-enrollment class or co-op class in preparation for college could do this with flexibility. This design was also meant to be open in the sense that students at this age have begun to develop more specific special interests. With respect to that, Year Twelve offers students several options in course of study in many main areas, allowing them a year of focused studies.

Contact me through email for specifc book lists.

Note: Currently, Only Topic Lists in Bold are Available

Focus Study 

Science and Nature Study

Choose One

Form VI Science

Science for the Future


Advanced Biology


How to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook by Susan Leigh Tomlinson

Tinker at Pilgrim Creek by Annie Dillard


Focus Study

History and Philosophy

Choose One

European Study

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Study

Government & Economics

Form VI History

Political Science


Focus Study

Choose One

From Fairy to Fantasy

European Literature

Political Science

Form VI Literature

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Study

World Literature

The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader on Ethics and Literature by Louis P. Pojman


King Lear


Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Faust by Goethe


Edvard Grieg

Richard Wagner

Henry Purcell


The Comparison of Pompey with Agesilaus

The Comparison of Poplicola with Solon



Albrecht Durer

Peter Paul Rubens


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