Teaching from a Place of Rest

What is teaching from a place of rest? This idea is based on the word scholé, a Greek word meaning “leisure, free time, rest”. Our word “school” is derived from this word. So, teaching from scholé is teaching from a state of leisure or rest. But, since when is teaching and learning considered a leisure activity? In ancient times, those who were not working or engaged in the toil of life were said to be at leisure. It was during this free time that learning could then take place. Here was when they would pursue their questions, follow their imagination and seek the truth. A common misconception about teaching from a state of rest is based on the idea that students are free to learn as they wi

Thoughts for "On the Teaching of Poetry"

As I republish articles of interest from The Parents' Review, which can be found at the Internet Archive, I hope to post my thoughts about each article here on this blog. Mary A. Woods writes “On the Teaching of Poetry”, which focuses on two main points: why we study poetry and in what way it should be taught, particularly with regard to children. In this article, I found much that I agreed with and many profound statements which could be applied to other aspects of child education. Ms. Woods briefly describes varying educational reasons for why some believe we study poetry. She then asserts that we should instead study poetry for its own beauty and purpose and not for any intellectual outco

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