Geography Resources

Introduction to Geography


Continent Coloring Pages -7 coloring pages; one for each continent-search words "color the continents"

Landforms Printable -Cut and Paste PDF

Bodies of Water Cards -PDF

Royal Castle Floor Plan -PDF 

Compass Rose -PDF

Continents and Oceans of the World  PDF-Use this map to make your Continent Cards

United States Map Puzzle Large pieces can be used as a puzzle map of USA

Landforms and Bodies of Water Cards -Montessori site


Around the World 

Coloring Pages to coordinate with places around the world.



Traveling Man: Ibn Battuta

Printable Map of Ibn Battuta's Route



Optional Printable Maps

Map 1  Great Lakes, hydrology, main cities, cuts off  US East

Map 2  US East Coast, no hydrology, main cities, includes US East

Minn of the Mississippi


The United States and its Major Rivers -a printable outline map (PDF)

Appendix with Images A and B

US State Study 


The United States -an unlabeled printable outline map (PDF) of the states

States with Capitals -an unlabeled printable outline map (PDF) of the states with capitals marked

50 States -printable pages for each state

USA National Parks Map -printable map of US National Parks

United States Map Puzzle -Large pieces can be used as a puzzle map of USA

Paddle to the Sea Cover Page2.jpg
Minn of the Mississippi Guided Study Cover Page2.jpg