Art Study Resources


How to Conduct a Picture Study

Picture Talks -PNEU Article

Looking at Art  -PDF

What to Draw and How to Draw It  Used in PNEU Programs  Archive

Drawing for Young Children   Archive

Drawing for Children and Others  Used in PNEU Programs  Archive

Consider the Draw Write Now series as well



Many of the books from the series World's Greatest Composer  or World's Greatest Artist by Mike Venezia can be found at Archive. These are "borrow" only versions.  Archive

Making Art Fun- Free printable biographies of several artists

NGA: An Eye for Art-Mary Cassatt (PDF)

NGA: An Eye for Art-Edgar Degas (PDF)

NGA: An Eye for Art-Look for many different artists

NGA: Kid's Video Tours -Short video clips focused on specific works from many artists

Coloring Pages- Free printable coloring pages

Music  Study Resources


Classics for Kids

Baltimore Curriculum Project Lessons-look for music lessons by grade level

Young People's Story of Music

Introduction to Music

Classics for Children-audio CD

Making Music Fun- free printable pages

Carnegie Hall-Listening Adventures- free interactive game for Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; requires Adobe Flash

Printable Musical Instruments- not fancy by any means, but possibly helpful

A Famous French Composer- short biography of Saint-Saens


Georges Bizet: Spotify; Audio CD and Teach With Movies

Ludwig Beethoven and the Chiming Tower Bells- Archive


Operas That Every Child Should Know

The Stories of Wagner's Operas

Art Study Collections

Music Study Collections