Writing Scaffolds: Summarizing

Contrary to the commonly held idea that Charlotte Mason style narrations are not summary style narrations, they can be and in this curriculum they do exist. In fact, they are a central part of the overall writing focus here. Many of the less significant looking narration suggestions are actually prompts which act as scaffolds in teaching the writing process, prompts with which summarizing is just one section of that process. Unlike some classically and neo-classically inspired writing curricula, this curriculum attempts to follow a child's natural development, allowing children to first gain fluency in reading, writing, classifying, categorizing and expression before attempting to expect th

Thoughts on "Children's Books"

As I republish articles of interest from The Parents' Review, which can be found at the Internet Archive, I hope to post my thoughts about each article here on this blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well in the comments section below. My first article, titled "Children's Books" by Mrs. Sophie Bryant, addresses the types of books that might best make up a child's home library. She begins by expressing the absolute importance of providing children with not only books for their library, but books which are of value, setting out her first main condition "that there should be no book in it that has not a good reason for being there" (Bryant). Valueless books may lead to negative

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