Nature Study and Science Resources

General Science

Dianna Aston Teacher's Guide -PDF; This guide covers all of the books in her A(n) _ is _ series, such as An Egg is Quiet or A Nest is Noisy.  


Farm Life
Farm Scene Play Mat  PDF




Cornell's Coloring Book of Birds PDF

Cornell's Bird Guide

The Birds of America Audubon- Google Book

Audubon's Birds of America- Coloring Book Dover- for purchase

Constellation Maps
Planets -Color and Label
Space & Astronomy Coloring Pages
Marine Biology


Food Chain -from Understanding the Sea -this book is part of Marine Biology: Companion Album

Carl Linnaeus-Free poster of Carl Linnaeus

Diatoms-Coloring Page and Craft from Ellen McHenry's site-PDF

Diatoms Coloring Sheet-Coloring Page-PDF

Photosynthesis-Free poster of Photosynthesis from Kids Discover w/account

Scholastic StudyJams!-Short videos with topics pertaining to our study of Marine Biology: Photosynthesis; The Kingdoms of Life and Plant Adaptations

USGS Water Cycle Interactive

Ebb and Flow-Optional: Art activity from Crayola

Monterey Bay Aquarium-Excellent animal cards, coloring pages, etc.

National Geographic-Short videos on Ecological Relationships

Marine Life Guide- PDF -used as a reference




Germination Stencils  PDF Ellen J McHenry website

The First Book of Botany  by Eliza A. Youmans

Leaf Schedule

Stem Schedule

Inflorescence Schedule

Flower Schedule



Are We Losing the Science of Taxonomy?

Classifying Life NOVA Interactive



Why do honeybees love the hexagon shape? -TedEd-short video clip. Be sure to watch this only after completing the hexagon activity-otherwise it will give away answers meant to be self-discovered.

Interactive Educational Sites: Insects and Bugs Theme




Thirstin's Water Cycle: Interactive Water Cycle  from the EPA-Requires Flash. Here is another link for it from NASA: Precipitation Education

Water Cycle Coloring Page

Lightning Safety PDF or Here

Printable Pattern Blocks  Used with Snowflake  Geometry


Eyes and No Eyes by Arabella Buckley contains 6 books including:

Wild Life in Woods and Fields, By Pond and River, Plant Life in Field and Garden, Birds in the Air, Trees and Shrubs and Insect Life


Nature Study


The value of the habit of accurate observation is not to be told, nor the unceasing occupation and interest it has given to children. In this way, a child obtains the power of using his own mind, and he learns the value of correct language and description.


-Mrs. Brightwen, Nature Study


Nature Study in this curriculum will include a study of natural history, the act of nature walks and observations, the keeping of a nature notebook and will often overlap with studies in science. Considered one of the quintessential tenets of a Charlotte Mason education, Nature Study capitalizes on many classical education goals as well.


Purposes of Nature Study


reverence for life

connection with nature

builds the skill of attention

attends to the skill of patience

continues work in classification and discrimination

builds a sense of beauty and truth


The role of the teacher or parent should be one of a positive and genuinely enthusiastic model and guide to the student's own natural discoveries and thoughts, with a focus on providing needed background material before encountering new concepts or studies, an eye on the upkeep and structure of the Nature Notebook and one who keeps the study of nature and natural history a regular occurrence.