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Program Sequences



History Cycle

Program 1 -Pre-17th Century History

Program 2 -16th-18th Century History

Program 3 -19th Century History

Program 4 -20th -21st Century History

By Year Sequence -OPT 1

Foundations -Year One/ES

Program 2 -Year Two/LSB

Program 3 -Year Three/LSB

Program 4 -Year Four/LSB

Program 1 -Year Five/LSA

Program 2 -Year Six/LSA

Program 3 -Year Seven/USB

Program 4 -Year Eight/USB

Program 1 -Year Nine/USB

Program 2 -Year Ten/USA

Program 3 -Year Eleven/USA

Program 4 -Year Twelve/USA

By Year Sequence -OPT 2

Foundations -Year One/ES

Program 1 -Year Two/LSB

Program 2 -Year Three/LSB

Program 3 -Year Four/LSB

Program 4 -Year Five/LSA

Program 1 -Year Six/LSA

Program 2 -Year Seven/USB

Program 3 -Year Eight/USB

Program 4 -Year Nine/USB

Program 2 -Year Ten/USA

Program 3 -Year Eleven/USA

Program 4 -Year Twelve/USA

Note: It's important to remember that Charlotte Mason knew that children could come into history cycles and leave history cycles, as needed. These guides are set up so that families can include all children of all levels into the same program history cycle. Arrange the programs as they best fit your family. The above options are merely suggestions.

Program Notes

Scroll through the slideshow below for an introduction to the Program Lesson Guides!

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