Form I

Years 1-3

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Resources for each year can now be found under its own subject heading. For example, the links for A Child's History of the World can now be found under the tab Resources and then under World History. 

Skill Subjects


For each year of Years 1-3

Choose a book for religion, if you wish.

Choose a program for math.

Choose a handwriting program.

Choose a program for phonics and/or reading for Years 1-3, as needed.

Include copywork or transcription, but only when readiness has been established-transition to a copybook in Year 3, if you wish.

Include narration.

Include reading aloud.

Grammar-start in Term 3 of Year 3, as best fits.

Dictation-start in Term 3 of Year 2 or Term 1 of Year 3, as best fits.

Introduce a modern language.

Include recitations.

Form One Overview -PDF File

 Sample Book Lists, Schedules & Published Resources

Year Three


Book List -Sample

Weekly Schedule

Year Three: The Complete Guide -2020


Marine Biology: Companion Album 6 x 9