The Music Study Approach

The study of music will be conducted in much the same way as the study of artists. While a bulletin board filled with images may not be necessary, it would be helpful to post a picture of the composer being studied. On the other hand, it will be important to include music selections from your chosen composer and play them during the week as often as you can for each week devoted to the study of your composer. General Approach to a Music Study 1. Choose a composer and then 5-8 selections of their music. 2. Find a biography of your composer by either choosing a children's book, a chapter from a book of composer biographies or printed pages from an online source. 3. Find your chosen music sele

Alleviating Narration Issues

This post is an expansion on "Meanings and Perspectives of Narration". Generally, children who dislike narration do so for reasons such as finding the act of narrating tedious, repetitive or difficult. Alleviating these narration issues are critical, because the child and teacher who have trouble with narration are not likely to continue with a Charlotte Mason style education, considering that it is such an essential and daily component. While I will address each of these reasons individually, in truth, they are very much interrelated. It may be helpful to look at narration more closely and delve into its particular components before attempting to pinpoint the possible problems that may aris

The Art Study Approach

The Purpose of Displaying the Art Pieces One of the simplest and most effective methods for creating an interest in the art pieces for each individual artist studied is to display them on a bulletin board, wall, easel or other designated area before any lesson work has begun with that particular artist. The art pieces are always readily available to be viewed. Daily views of the art pieces allow children an opportunity to examine a piece and then examine it again with a new perspective or approach, just as they are able to consider one work on one day and a different one on the next day. I recently overheard my two daughters discussing the new art pieces just a day or two after I had display

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