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World History Resources

A Childs's History of the World 

A Child's History of the World  -Google Books (free); preferred is 1997 Calvert Edition


Resource Pages -PDF


Coloring Pages -some coloring pages are linked by chapter

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Greek Mythology

Ancient Greek Gods and Greek Heroes

Notebook Pages File  -PDF

British Kings and Queens

Illuminated Letters Coloring Pages

USA Printables

History for Kids-American History

Year 1/Ancient

C4-The Nile River from "The Discovery of King Tut"-PDF

C6-Writing in Hieroglyphs,  Egyptian Papyrus Craft

C7-Interactive Make a Mummy Site

C9-Ramses the Great Coloring Page,  Fertile Crescent/Egypt Outline Map

C12-Proverbs for Children

C17-Assyrian Coloring Book

C20-Outline Map of India

C21-Outline Map of China

C30-Seven Wonders of the World Video Clip

Year 2/Medieval

C43-A Lesson in the Art of Illuminated Letters PDF

C45-Mosque Coloring Page

C46-Islamic Geometric Coloring Pages

C47-Charlemagne Coloring Page

C50-Skipton Castle Coloring Pages   & More Castles

C51-Printable Templates for a Coat of ArmsColoring Pages of Knights

C52-William the Conqueror-coloring page

C56-Stained Glass Window Coloring Pages

C58-"The King and His Hawk" from 50 Famous Stories by James Baldwin

C60 Joan of Arc Coloring Page 1 PDF

Joan of Arc Coloring Page 2 PDF


Year 3/Modern

C61-Monoprinting Art Activity

Potato Printing Art Activity

C62-Christopher Columbus Character Printable 

Ship Coloring Page Sailing Ship Craft-from Crayola

C63-South America-unlabeled map PDF

South America 2-labeled map PDF

C64-Aztec Coloring Pages

C68-Queen Elizabeth Coloring Pages

C69-William Shakespeare Coloring Page

C70-Pocahontas Coloring Page

Pilgrim Coloring Pages

C75-Map of the 13 Colonies  Online/Printable

Benjamin Franklin Coloring Page

George Washington Coloring Pages

C77-The Death of Napoleon

C78-Flag of Bolivia Coloring Page 

South America  unlabeled map PDF

South America 2  labeled map PDF

C80-Civil War Coloring Pages 

Paper Lantern Craft

C82-Morse Code Printable

Robert Fulton's Steamboat Coloring Page

C85-Great Depression Coloring Page

C87-Pearl Harbor Coloring Page

C88-How to Separate Salt from Water


The Middle Ages by Dorothy Mills

Primary Sources

The Portable Medieval Reader edited by Ross and McLaughlin

Readings in European History I See links on the side.

Readings in Medieval and Modern History See links on the side.

Week Two:


Week Five:


Week Six: 

Week Eight:


Week Nineteen:

Week Twenty-Two:

Week Twenty-Three:

Week Twenty-Six:

Week Twenty-Seven:









Renaissance and Reformation Times by Dorothy Mills

Books & Primary Sources

The Portable Renaissance Reader edited by Ross and McLaughlin- selections

Readings in European History (Vol. II) by James Harvey Robinson-selections 


Week 2:


Week 4:


Week 6: 


Week 7:

Week 33:

CHOW A Guided Study CPNEW.jpg

Optional Reading

This book from Google includes The Life of Charlemagne, a book included in the suggested readings of the guide The Middle Ages: A Guided Study. Early Lives of Charlemagne includes The Life of Charlemagne by Einhard and also Monk of St. Gall's Life of Charlemagne. Only the former reading is suggested, but, of course, you may choose to read both.

The quick view format of this book at Archive is missing the pages for Chapters 13-14 in the Table of Contents only; They are included in the main text and are a part of the main text of the PDF download.

RART A Guided Study CPNEW.jpg
TMA A Guided Study CP2.jpg
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