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Be sure to download or access this version of Eva March Tappan's The Story of the Roman People. This version contains the suggestions for written composition following each chapter.

The Book of the Ancient World by Dorothy Mills


Resource Pages  PDF File -this file contains public domain texts and images compiled together to accompany The Book of the Ancient World



BOAW Week One (Chapters 1-2)


BOAW Week Two (Chapters 3-4)


BOAW Week Four (Chapters 7-8)


BOAW Week Five (Chapters 1-2)


BOAW Week Nine (Chapters 3-4)


BOAW Week 12 (Chapter 9 and Chapter 1)


BOAW Week 15 (Chapters 3-4) 

NOTE: Use map on p.166 in the book for reference.



BOAW Week 17 (The Phoenicians Chapters 3-4)