Notes for the Preparatory Level

Printable Copy of these Notes These notes are to help prepare the teacher for how to best teach children at the Preparatory Level. This level is not required as most children should begin their Charlotte Mason education at age 6. This curriculum is designed with an emphasis on allowing a younger child to gently work on habits and skills which will benefit them as their education moves forward and to offer a teacher the structure and guidelines from which to do this. A child who interacts with his family through play, daily life and conversation, who shares his imagination and is encouraged to do so, who is allowed to use child-friendly tools (pencils, crayons, paint, yarn or string, magnifyi

Literature, Concentric Circles and a Current Example

I've written before about the structure of the literature selections in this curriculum, comparing that structure to the concentric circles made in a pool of water after a pebble is dropped into the center. The center is the core of this structure, with fairy tales, fables, poetry, mythology and selected children's fiction creating it. As the years pass, more layers, or concentric circles, move out from the core, adding and expanding on this core knowledge, including layers which give a child more depth and challenge in the literature they read as they are added. So much of what is read in the upper years of this curriculum is based on the premise that the foundational works have already bee

Thoughts on "The Informal Teaching of History"

As I republish articles of interest from The Parents' Review, which can be found at the Internet Archive, I hope to post my thoughts about each article here on this blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well in the comments section below. My third article, titled "The Informal Teaching of History" by H. Johnstone, explored the topic of the informal teaching of history and what role it should play in the education of children. While I did not always agree with the way he presented his arguments, I did agree with the general premise of his points and I definitely felt that there were some valuable gems to be taken from it. Much of what might be considered the problems or "dangers" i

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