Beauty and Diversity

Striking a balance between using children’s books written a long time ago and books written today can be frustrating and difficult. It seems that books of long ago often give us the very best in living books, since they are written in a narrative style and often contain beautiful illustrations. However, modern books give us updated language and non-offensive perspectives –books which promote diversity and cultural awareness. Which is more important? Of course, both are important. Although these are the advantages each gives us, books of both eras also give us their share of disadvantages. Too often older books contain racism, stereotypes and an unbalanced view of history. Meanwhile, modern a

Narration and the Very Young

First Stones in the Foundation Early school in this curriculum includes Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Year One students and these years are foundational years. Narration, like reading and writing, is an ever-evolving skill that further develops as children grow. There are many key components to this development, but the groundwork begun in the early years is certainly one of them, playing a central role in the narrator a child becomes. Early habits and attitudes, both in children and in parents, are the first stones to be placed in this foundation. Parents and teachers, the forefront of this entire endeavor, need to examine their own attitude and goals in order to best begin the habits an

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