American History Resources

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USA Printables

History for Kids-American History

Notebook Pages File -includes inventors


Pre-17th Century History


Resources for Native American Study


Native American Pendant Craft from Crayola

Native American Pendant Craft from Crayola-use this coloring page if you don't wish to create your own design

Native American Art: Projects and Ideas for Kids

Blick -Multicultural Art Education Lesson Plans -Look under Lesson Plans and then under Discipline/Multicultural

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush-lesson ideas from Homeschool Share

The Book of Indians by Holling C. Holling Archive-To Borrow

16th-18th Century History


Coloring Pages

Plimoth Plantation 



Lesson Plans and Resources

16th-18th Century History Resource Pages -PDF file of Images

Exploration and Conquest  by B & G Maestro -Archive-To Borrow

The Discovery of North American -Coloring Pages

Interactive Map: Exploration of North America -Requires Flash Player

Interactive Map: Early Voyages of Exploration -Requires Flash Player

Hudson River Education -National Geographic Lesson Plans

The New Americans: Colonial Times by B & G Maestro


Plimoth Plantation- Coloring Pages

Plimoth Plantation- Recipes

Plimoth Plantation- Wampanoag Homes-wetu

Rainbow Crow Study Guide- PDF has craft directions for creating a wigwam/wetu

Document Analysis: The Mayflower Compact PDF


The World of William Penn by G. Foster


R2-Excerpt from The Diary of Samuel Pepys- PDF

R5-USA Physical Map- PDF

R7-Palace of Versailles- Website

R8-Compass Rose- PDF


Struggle for a Continent: The French and Indian Wars by B & G Maestro


Map of Europe- Blank/Printable-PDF

Map of US States- Scroll down for a blank map of the US-PDF


George Washington's World by G. Foster

R1-Use Map Trek or Outline Map included in guide.

R3-Abigail Adams Coloring Page

R4-Jamaica Anansi Stories Sacred-Texts 

R5-British National Anthem Midi-file and Here

R6-Well-Tempered Clavier -Bach YouTube

R7-Colonial Social Classes Website

R10-Printable Map of India Blank Map  Map of India Labeled Map

R12-Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Gray  To His Army Before Quebec Speech

R17- The Voyages of Captain Cook  PDF

R21-Italy at the End of the Sixteenth Century   Labeled Map

R22-Europe  Labeled Map-look for European Seas

R23-Kaga no Chiyou Or  Matsuo Basho-Haiku Poetry

R24- Major Trade Routes PDF

R27-Abigail's War  PDF and "His Excellency George Washington"  Poem

R32- Clark's Campaign in the Northwest Labeled Map

R34- Architect of the Capitol  Surrender of Lord Cornwallis 

R36- South America PDF Labeled Map

R38-Hot Air Balloons Website  Bag Balloons PDF -NASA Model 

R47-Map of France  Labeled Map

R49-Map of Bonaparte's Campaign in Italy  Labeled Map and Map of Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt  Labeled Map

George Washington 

Historical Source Book by Hutton Webster

Practical Map Exercises in Geography and History-Archive; primarily USA