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American History Resources

Coloring Pages


USA Printables

History for Kids-American History


Pre-17th Century History


Resources for Native American Study


Native American Crafts from Crayola

Native American Pendant Craft from Crayola  [coloring page]

Native American Art: Projects and Ideas for Kids

Blick -Multicultural Art Education Lesson Plans -Look under Lesson Plans and then under Discipline/Multicultural

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush-lesson ideas from Homeschool Share

The Book of Indians by Holling C. Holling Archive-To Borrow

16th-18th Century History


Lesson Plans and Resources

Plimoth Plantation You Are the Historian Game -New Online Game!

Plimoth Plantation What Happened to Sarah Morton? 


Exploration and Conquest  by B & G Maestro -Archive-To Borrow

The Discovery of North American -Coloring Pages

New World -National Geographic Article -Henry Hudson

The New Americans: Colonial Times by B & G Maestro -Archive-To Borrow


Plimoth Plantation- Recipes

Plimoth Plantation- Wampanoag Homes-wetu

Rainbow Crow Study Guide- PDF has craft directions for creating a wigwam/wetu

Document Analysis: The Mayflower Compact PDF

USA Printables- Early American Life -Coloring Pages

Sybil's Night Ride by Karen B. Winnick


Sybil Ludington- Sybil's Route & Poem


16th-18th Century History: An American & World Study

16th -18th Century History Resource Pages -PDF file of Images

The World of William Penn by G. Foster

R2-Excerpt from The Diary of Samuel Pepys- PDF


R7-Palace of Versailles- Website

R8-Compass Rose- PDF

George Washington's World by G. Foster

George Washington Coloring Online/ Printable

George Washington -Mount Vernon -lesson plans

R1-Thirteen Colonies Map Coloring Online/ Printable

R5-British National Anthem Midi-file and Here

R10-Labeled Map of India

R21-Italy at the End of the Sixteenth Century   Labeled Map

R23-Kaga no Chiyou Or  Matsuo Basho-Haiku Poetry

R27-Abigail's War  PDF

R32- Clark's Campaign in the Northwest Labeled Map

R34- Architect of the Capitol  Surrender of Lord Cornwallis 

R38-Hot Air Balloons Website  Bag Balloons PDF -NASA Model 

R47-Map of France  Labeled Map

R49-Map of Bonaparte's Campaign in Italy  Labeled Map and Map of Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt  Labeled Map


Historical Source Book by Hutton Webster


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