Literature Resources

Tales from Shakespeare


Tales from Shakespeare Google Books

Shakespeare Coloring Book  PDF

Tales from Shakespeare  Librivox

Paper Dolls from Dover

Shakespeare Unit w/Notebook Pages


Age of Fable from Bulfinch's Mythology


Bulfinch's Mythology  Sacred Texts

Pronunciation Guide  Encyclopedia Mythica

Interactive Map of Odysseus

Greek Mythology Map 

Greek Mythology Coloring Pages

A Wrinkle in Time  PDF Reading Guide and Here

Children of the New Forest by Frederick Marryat



English Civil War




Arnwood on a 1611 Map of Hampshire by John Speed

Map of the New Forest Area 

Map of the New Forest Area 2

Map of England: Counties


Picture Study


Battle of Naseby

King Charles I

Oliver Cromwell

King Charles II




Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables Poetry

-Selected poems to accompany Anne of Green Gables

-this PDF file contains hyperlinks

Anne of Green Gables Picture Study

-Selected art works to accompany Anne of Green Gables

-this PDF file contains hyperlinks

Outline Map of Canada -

Printable map of Canada to accompany Anne of Green Gables -PDF 

Labeled Map of Canada

-Labeled map of Canada to accompany Anne of Green Gables

The Odyssey by Homer

The Route of Odysseus (Map Link)

The Route of Odysseus (Interactive Map Link)

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson 


Location links imbedded into the text of the book.

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott


"The Flower and the Leaf" by John Dryden

"Olympian 1" by Pindar 

Cummings Study Guide

"The Sword of Damocles" from Fifty Famous Stories Retold

Literary Worlds I

Peter Rabbit -site with information about the books, Beatrix Potter and activities

A. A. Milne Reads a chapter from Winnie-the-Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Coloring Pages

Charlotte's Web Coloring Pages

Parts of a Spider

Coloring Pages for The Velveteen Rabbit


Fairy Tales

The Nightingale Coloring Book

Coloring Pages of Swans-good for "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Wild Swans"

The Nightingale-Audio from Storynory

Sound Recording of a Nightingale

Lang's Pink Fairy Book-use this version for "The Snow Queen"

Snow Queen Watercolor Wash This lesson is no longer available. Feel free to substitute a snowflake or winter scene activity if you wish.

Illustration Study File for the Snow Queen  PDF

Anne of GG Cover page1815.jpg
Ivanhoe Cover Page2.jpg
The Children of the New Forest A Reading Guide Cover Page2.jpg


Living Books


Elements of a Living Book

Not all of the elements below will be found in all living books, although they will often contain several.

Usually written by one author and would not include textbooks which are organized by a committee

Usually a complete work and not an adapted collection of works or excerpts from many works

Subjects are written by a knowledgeable author

A true literary creation meant to inspire, motivate or challenge the imagination or knowledge of the reader

Often impresses some truth of our world or some beauty of our world upon the reader

The author has built their knowledge base from primary resources

Why are they so important?

Living books are valuable because they provide children with the following:

Exposure to the ideas and thoughts of a knowledgeable author

An opening for the imagination to be developed or to be further expanded

Often has advanced vocabulary and sentence structure

Promotes ideas and thoughts on the reader's part

Prompts new questions and a desire to know more on the reader's part

Consistently sends the message that well-written books are a delight and trustworthy source of information

Consistently teaches a child to look for truth and beauty in all books and, in turn, life

For beautifully republished living books -many used in this curriculum-be sure to look at New West Books!