Preparatory Level

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This schedule better aligns with the schedule for the Pre-Preparatory Level.

Skill Subjects

Develop literacy and numeracy, and, when appropriate, teach reading, writing and math.

Calendar work is part of this level.

Work on fine motor skills such as painting, sculpting, coloring, using scissors and glue, lacing, etc.

Puzzles and blocks are an essential part of this level.

Sandpaper letters or a sandtray may be helpful with letter work.

Gently introduce recitations.


Choose your own Program or Work on Numeracy


Math for All Seasons by Greg Tan  Optional


Also, See the Pre-Preparatory Level for Additional Suggestions

Poetry for the Calendar


A Child's Calendar: Poems by John Updike

(illust. by Hyman)

Long Night Moon by Cynthia Rylant

The Year Comes Round: HaikuThrough the Seasons by Sid Farrar

Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors by Joyce Sidman

Tales, Stories & Poetry

Printable Book List

Preparatory Picture Books

~Introducing young children to the wonders and marvels of  their world. ~


Time, Seasons and Holidays

 with coordinating Science and Nature Study books on topics such as, Farming, Seeds, Weather, Life Cycles and more

Native Americans

Reading Around the World


Printable Book List

This book list includes some notes for scheduling the readings. See the above weekly schedule for additional notes for creating a schedule for the year.