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Sunset in the Woods

A Brief Sketch of Charlotte Mason


Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) was a British educator whose ideas and methods focused on living ideas,  the science of relations, habit training and so much more than can be shared in a brief sketch.


She became a teacher and then later established the House of Education, a training school for governesses. While teaching, she realized that the parents of children being educated would benefit from access to basic knowledge about children and education. The Parents' Educational Union or PEU was formed and later a periodical review was created to aid in this effort. In 1892, the word National was added to PEU and became PNEU, or Parents' National Educational Union.


She wrote a series of geography books and then later a six volume set of books setting forth her teaching ideas and methods of education.


Some of the terms and words which are most familiar to us in connection with Charlotte Mason include narration, living books, habit training, focused lessons, copywork, prepared dictation, nature study, handcrafts and artist and composer studies.


Charlotte Mason's Home Education Series

Volume One  Archive

Volume Two  Google

Volume Three Archive

Volumes 4-6 will need to be purchased separately.

Volume Five Archive-to be borrowed only

Volumes 1-6 Consider purchasing this set!


Parents' Review Articles, Letters, etc.

Children's Books

Nature Study: A Chat About Flowers  PDF File of Images

The Informal Teaching of History

On A Classical Education

On the Teaching of Poetry

Letter by H. W. Household

The Art of Book Reading P1 & P2

Early Lessons in English Grammar


Reading List

Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason [6 volumes; see above]

Consider This by Karen Glass

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater

Parents' Review articles [see above]


Blog Articles

Be sure to read the many blog articles at this site [see tab "Blog" in the menu bar above]. You will find many articles about this curriculum's philosophy and methods as well as articles about Charlotte Mason's philosophy and methods.


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