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Additional Questions

Where Can I find Samples of the Guides?

PDF Samples of Guides are at the Digital Shop.

Click on Images Throughout Site for Links to Samples. 

Where Can I Learn More about the Program Guides?

Additional Notes about the Programs -Here

Where Can I Learn More about Charlotte Mason?

Learn More about Charlotte Mason -Here & Here

Where Can I Get My Files Printed?

A Mind in the Light has formed a partnership with Humble Heart Press for printing purposes. If you would like a print copy, save 10% at checkout at their website using the code "AMITL". Their website is [At least one item must be from A Mind in the Light and the code must be applied.]

Do You Have a Flyer that Can be Printed and Shared?

Yes, here is a simple flyer that can be printed and shared at homeschool meetings, co-ops, conventions, etc.



Please feel free to send me any questions or comments you may have through email using the contact section to the right.


I'm very happy to receive any comments or messages and I really like to help if I can.


Thank you.

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