Thoughts for "On A Classical Education"

As I republish articles of interest from The Parents' Review, which can be found at the Internet Archive, I hope to post my thoughts about each article here on this blog. Latin and Greek should form the foundation of a child’s education. This assertion is put forth by Charles D. Olive in his article “On A Classical Education”. Again, as with previous articles, I do not agree with each of his assertions or while I might have agreed with the assertion it was not to the same degree as his. But, also as with previous articles, I did find some important points to consider and did find the article very interesting and informative to read. This article is the first part of two. He begins by explain

Geography for the Early Years

Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography I, the first in her series of geography books for students, included many topics such as, introducing the nearly spherical shape of Earth, the concept of a map, the points of a compass, the continents, land forms, and bodies of water. Additionally, a study of the Earth’s rotation and revolution, giving us the seasons, day and night was included. Geography in these early years typically drew from this first book, descriptions of children from different countries and cultures from various other books and the use of sand trays to create models of land forms, bodies of water and local areas such as their homes, parks, etc. Some early map work lessons focuse

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