A Letter

Dear Families, As a mother of two lovely daughters, both of whom have grown up a great deal already, I wanted to share a few thoughts to those who are just beginning their journey into the world of Charlotte Mason. I’ve been homeschooling for almost two decades now, and through that time have watched its growth and its changes. When I began homeschooling, parents had fewer resources available to them and not nearly the same access to ways of communicating and sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas with one another. These changes are wonderful! It is so much easier for a homeschooling parent to find books, lesson plans and curriculum guides that are better tailored to their specific skill

Misunderstandings, Writing Voices and Five-Paragraph Essays

Why is the Charlotte Mason approach to writing often misunderstood? Many families leave the CM approach to education because of their concerns about writing. As children grow older, and expectations in writing increases, parents grown concerned about how their children are progressing in their abilities to write. Parents then decide that either the approach is flawed or that the student is not a good “fit” for the approach. This, alongside of a few other major misunderstandings about her methods, is the single most likely reason that so many families drop the whole of a Charlotte Mason education. Charlotte Mason’s method of teaching writing consists of many different elements which must be

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