Children in Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Year One will begin the Early School level in Foundations and will remain at this level for three years or until each student has been deemed ready to move on to Lower School B. This foundation level does not fit within the historical divisions laid out for the remaining levels. Only when your student has moved to Lower School B, will students begin to work through the programs according to historical time period divisions. At that time, your students may then move into the Program # which corresponds to the time period your family will study for the year, but in the Lower School B level. 


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Needed Resources


Foundations: The Outline Guide for Early School


This guide is all that you will need for Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory, since expectations are gentle and flexible for these years. Foundations will include the complete book lists for all of Early School, including books and resources needed for Year One. Teaching notes pertinent to the Early School levels as well as suggestions for art, handcraft  and music study are also contained in this guide.


The complete lessons for Year One can be added with the purchase of the Foundations Lesson Guide -Year One. You could certainly wait to add this resource until you have a student in Year One. 


Recommended Resources

Foundations Lesson Guide -Year One

Foundations Lesson Guide -Year One contains the lessons which accompany Year One. This guide will include pre-reading notes, teaching notes, narration prompts, natural history investigations and much more.


Note: This lesson guide differs from Year One : The Complete Guide. However, if you had already purchased the latter guide and are willing to make needed adjustments, then send me an email and I'll send you some of the most important schedules and notes needed. This is assuming you have already purchased the above Foundations: The Outline Guide for Early School.