The Great Search for an American History Book

I’m not really sure why it is so difficult to find an American history book which is a engaging, non-offensive and developmentally appropriate. Searching for this book (or books) takes much time and is sometimes frustrating. The Ideal American History Book(s) a good living book with a narrative and captivating writing style American history designed for elementary students written with a social/biographical emphasis available and accessible -so if OOP it should not be too expensive or it should be available in the public domain edited to remove offensive and inappropriate language/stereotypes not an overly long book (or books put together) but with good coverage not representative of typical

On Poetry and Recitation

How often should poetry be read with students each week? How often should recitations take place each year? What should be recited? These are some very common questions about how and in what way poetry and recitations should be handled. Four big questions that I had were: Should we use anthologies for our poetry readings or is it better to study a select number of poets and study only these in one year? How should recitations be handled, especially with very young children who are early or non-readers? How is reciting a poem different from memorizing it? Are illustrated volumes of poetry better than minimally/non- illustrated volumes? The latter question I will spend more time on in another

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