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A Mind in the Light is a curriculum which follows the classical ideas of Charlotte Mason and strives to give teachers and parents a complete guide in history, science, nature study, geography, literature, art and music for each year of the lower years. The upper years will turn to a humanities approach with regard to history, integrating literature, primary sources, geography, art history and philosophy. It is designed without religion, with the idea that those who wish to add it may do so as they wish. One of the most important ideas to take from this curriculum is flexibility. The structure, variety in options and the teaching notes are available, but the guide should be used however it works best for the teacher and the student(s). This curriculum is a work in progress. Thank you for your patience!
What makes this curriculum different?
The history sequence allows for full and equal coverage while also covering the time periods at a time and in a manner that is developmentally appropriate for a typical child. Additionally, Charlotte Mason PNEU schedules show children adding ancient history as a separate line of study beginning in Year Five and this curriculum follows this approach.
History Scope and Sequence
Year One---American History Survey I + OPT Introduction to World History-Part 1
Year Two---American History Survey II + OPT Introduction to World History-Part 2
Year Three---American History Survey III + OPT Introduction to World History-Part 3
Year Four---American History I + British History I
Year Five---American History II + British History II + Ancient History 1
Year Six---American History III + British History III + Ancient History 2
Year Seven---American History IV + British History IV + Ancient History 3
Year Eight---American History V + World History I +Ancient History 4
Year Nine---American History VI + World History II + Ancient History 5
Year Ten---American History VII + World History III + Ancient History 6
Year Eleven---American History VIII+ World History IV + Ancient History 7
Year Twelve---Focused Study
Printable File of History S & S: History S&S -3 Streams
Literature is deliberately built so as to be age appropriate for each year but yet also gradually challenge a child and continue to build a child's ability to handle more complex works as each year passes. Within each year is a mixture of books, including works which will be challenging as well as ones which will be more accessible without sacrificing their quality.
Teaching Notes
This curriculum will include teaching notes, guides and other resources that will give the teacher the tools he/she needs to guide their students towards a truly rich and meaningful education. The more prepared a teacher is with the material at hand, the more they are then able to relax and allow the child to find their own connections. Working from a place of peace and confidence often contributes to good teachers becoming great teachers. Charlotte Mason and her original teachers were very well grounded in the books that she chose and could teach from a place of confidence. Parents today have not had the same type of education, have not grown up in the same environment and are not as familiar with many of the older book titles used in a Charlotte Mason curriculum. They need tools to make this approach to learning achievable.
The science selections are designed to be strong on their own, with a study of nature working alongside of them. This curriculum keeps the focus on exposure in the lower years, using as many living books as possible and including lesson ideas to encourage an exploration of life and nature. The lessons will give teachers the tools they need, but yet encourage children to openly explore the world in which they live and keep a record of their own thoughts about it. As the upper years approach the living books will increase in their complexity to match the more advanced ideas of older children. The lessons will also begin to incorporate demonstrations and experiments and teach the student how to record their lab work.


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