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Designed to accompany A Child's History of the World by Virgil M. Hillyer, this guided study will bring history to life for your students. Written for A Mind in the Light, a Charlotte Mason curriculum, your students will be offered opening connective questions, coordinated images to capture interest and provide visuals, multiple creative narration options, map work, additional reading suggestions and suggested further activities. These lessons are targeted for grades 1-4. 


6/18/22 -This guide has been updated! The format and font have been updated, making it easier to read; new maps and exam prompts have been added. The book lists have also been regrouped for easier purusal. Enjoy! 


  • Sample
  • 214 pp.
  • FREE Resource Pages –PDF file from A Mind in the Light –will be attached in an automated email once purchase of this guide has been made. These pages are primarily made up of images [for picture study and sparking interest]. Please be sure to download and save your file immediately. If your link does not work, then please contact me though email and I will send it to you.


A Child's History of the World: A Guided Study

  • Please be aware that PDF files are only accessible for 30 days! You need to download your files to your computer or print them within this time range. Thank you!

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