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Divided into two books, Olive Thorne Miller's The Children's Book of Birds is a delightful way for your students to learn about the world of birds. Book 1 introduces children to how birds eat, nest, care for their young and how their bodies are built, while Book 2 includes lovely accounts of different types of birds and how they live.


This book is used in Year Two and in Program 1 of A Mind in the Light Curriculum, but can be enjoyed by many-ages 6-12. It is sized as an 8.5 x 11 PDF digital file and is free with the purchase of The Children's Book of Birds: A Guided Study, Program 1: Lesson Guide for Lower School B and Year Two: The Complete Guide. Send an email through the contact section after purchase to receive your copy.



The Children's Book of Birds

  • Please be aware that PDF files are only accessible for 30 days! You need to download your files to your computer or print them within this time range. Thank you!

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