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This guided study was designed as a companion to The First Book of Bugs by Margaret Williamson, The First Book of Bees by Albert Tibbets and Hexapod Stories by Edith Patch.  


It includes a complete lesson companion for each chapter as well as object lessons, concept lessons, activities and experiments, additional reading suggestions and printable pages. This guide was designed for ages 7-9, although slightly older children can be included if expectations are shifted upward to better meet their needs. 


Note: This guide will be used in Program 3 for Lower School B. This guide is intended to be used for at least two terms.


  • Sample
  • The First Book of Bugs  and The First Book of Bees [Living Book Press; affiliate link -see disclosure; save 10 % using code "AMITL"]
  • Free Minibeasts Posters [4] –PDF file from A Mind in the Light –this will be attached in an automated email once purchase of this guide has been made. Please be sure to download and save your file immediately. If your link does not work, then please contact me though email and I will send it to you.


Meet the Minibeasts: A Guided Study

  • Please be aware that PDF files are only accessible for 30 days! You need to download your files to your computer or print them within this time range. Thank you!

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