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Famous Legends: A Reading Guide is a companion guide for Famous Legends by Emeline G. Crommelin. This delightful living book shares the legends of medieval times, such as Robin Hood, King Arthur, William Tell, Sigurd and more. While many books of medieval legends are better suited for slightly older children, this one has great coverage, represents many people and countries and is perfect for younger audiences.


The lessons in this guide will provide the teacher with the teaching notes needed to prepare the readings and multiple and varied narration suggestions. These lessons are targeted for ages 7-9. 


Living Book Press has graciously republished this out-of-print book for me, making it accessible for new generations of children to enjoy! Be sure to use your discount code [AMITL] and save 10%


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  • Famous Legends [Living Book Press; affiliate link -see disclosure; save 10 % using code "AMITL"]


Famous Legends: A Reading Guide

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