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This mini guide offers teaching notes, two multi-leveled biographies, one opera story, exam prompts and five lessons  (+2  more for upper level students) which coordinate with many of Bizets's greatest music works. 



  • L’Arlesienne, Suite No. 2 “Pastorale” (I)
  • L’Arlesienne, Suite No. 2 “Farandole” (IV)
  • Symphony No. 1 in C Major
  • Juex d’enfants –especially I, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX and X –as these are ones not covered in Year One: The Complete Guide
  • Two selections from Carmen -meant for older students.


These mini guides will be very helpful to those using the Program Guides, containing all that you will need for a composer study. 


Note:  While most of these lesson plans are already included in Year Two: The Complete Guide, this guide has been recently updated. 



Spotlights: Bizet

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