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Program 1: Lesson Guide for Lower School B was created by A Mind in the Light, a curriculum based on Charlotte Mason methods and ideas. Providing support for teachers, this  complete guide will include reading schedules, detailed lesson plans, teaching notes, additional resources and resource suggestions -everything needed to complete one year of Pre-17th Century History for Years 2-4, except for the living books.


With this structure, teachers will have the tools needed to create an atmosphere of learning, inspire the imagination and delight the curiosity of a young child’s mind. Striving for balance in every way, this guide offers the flexibility required for meeting children where they are, but yet offers challenge as well.


Targeted for ages 7-10, this guide contains 3 full terms or 36 weeks of lessons. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: If your student has just completed Year Two: The Complete Guide, then use caution before purchasing this guide. These two guides share many of the same topics and books. Email me if you have any questions about this.


This is a very large file: 866 pages. 


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  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The purchase of the Program 1: Lesson Guide for Lower School B will include an automated email. This email will be sent after purchase and will include 1 link to 1 PDF file: Program 1: Companion Pages for Lower School B. Be sure to also download and save or print the free PDF file: Teaching Notes for Lower School B, which can be found at the website Shop. The former file includes poetry for recitation, ballads, historical & narrative poems [Y4], six literature guides, a few printable maps and a few other resources and the latter file includes teaching notes important to implementing this curriculum at this level. Your links will only be accessible for 30 days, so be sure to download and save your files or print them. 
  • Send an email for a FREE PDF of The Children's Book of Birds by Olive Thorne Miller.


I just looked at this beautiful over 800 masterpiece of amazing work you poured into!!! Like JUST WOW!!!!
Your book lists are one of the most balanced booklists in the homeschool curriculum market! What I paid for today and what was received; I am just in awe and I thank you! -SB


Program 1: Lesson Guide for Lower School B

  • This is a very large file -866 pages


    Please be aware that PDF files are only accessible for 30 days! You need to download your files to your computer or print them within this time range. Thank you!

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