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This teaching guide was designed so that children in Years 2-4 could study 16th-18th Century American History together. Students will study American History with a focus on early settlements, colonial life, the struggles of the colonies as they rise and their subsequent reach for independence. Year 4 students will dig deeper by studying exploration of the Americas and the French and Indian Wars. Historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Phillis Wheatley and more are studied.


This history guide includes: 


  • connection prompts
  • words to know
  • working with maps
  • teaching notes
  • narration suggestions
  • exam prompts
  • and more!


Created for A Mind in the Light, an emerging Charlotte Mason curriculum, this guide is targeted for ages 7-10. This guide will also tie well with the American History study from 16th-18th Century: An American and World Study, designed for students in Lower School A [Years 5-6]. 


These lessons will be ncluded in Program 2: Lesson Guide for Lower School B.



American History: 16th-18th Century: Lower School B

  • Please be aware that PDF files are only accessible for 30 days! You need to download your files to your computer or print them within this time range. Thank you!

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