Resources, Year One


Peter Rabbit -site with information about the books, Beatrix Potter and activities

A. A. Milne Reads a chapter from Winnie-the-Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Coloring Pages

Charlotte's Web Coloring Pages

Parts of a Spider

Coloring Pages for The Velveteen Rabbit

The Route of Odysseus-Labeled map

Fairy Tales

The Nightingale Coloring Book

Coloring Pages of Swans-good for "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Wild Swans"

The Nightingale-Audio from Storynory

Sound Recording of a Nightingale

Lang's Pink Fairy Book-use this version for "The Snow Queen"

Snow Queen Watercolor Wash This lesson is no longer available. Feel free to substitute a snowflake or winter scene activity if you wish.

Illustration Study File for the Snow Queen  PDF

Science and Nature Study

Why do honeybees love the hexagon shape? -TedEd-short video clip. Be sure to watch this only after completing the hexagon activity-otherwise it will give away answers meant to be self-discovered.

Interactive Educational Sites: Insects and Bugs Theme

Thirstin's Water Cycle: Interactive Water Cycle  from the EPA-Requires Flash. Here is another link for it from NASA: Precipitation Education

Water Cycle Coloring Page

Lightning Safety PDF or Here

Printable Pattern Blocks

A Childs's History of the World 

Coloring Pages

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Gods and Heroes from Ancient Greece and Rome

Ancient Greek Gods and Greek Heroes

Notebook Pages File  -PDF


CHOW Links and Resources

C4-The Nile River from "The Discovery of King Tut"-PDF

C6-Writing in Hieroglyphs

Egyptian Papyrus Craft

C7-Interactive Make a Mummy Site

C9-Ramses the Great Coloring Page

Map of Ancient Egypt  This used to read Map of Eurasia, but the link has been replaced.

C12-Proverbs and Their Meanings

C17-Assyrian Coloring Book

C20-Map of India

C21-Maps of China-print 2 copies: an unlabeled copy for your student to complete & a labeled copy for a key

C28-The Death of Socrates   art study

C29-Alexander and Bucephalus  art study

C30-Seven Wonders of the World Video Clip

C36-Interior of St. Peter's, Rome



Continent Coloring Pages -7 coloring pages; one for each continent-search words "color the continents"

Landforms Printable-Cut and Paste PDF

Bodies of Water Cards -PDF

Castle Floor Plan -PDF 

Compass Rose -PDF

Continents and Oceans of the World -PDF-Use this map to make your Continent Cards

Puzzled States-Interactive map-puzzle map of USA Landforms and Bodies of Water Cards-Montessori site

Art Resources

Making Art Fun- free printable pages

NGA: An Eye for Art-Mary Cassatt (PDF)

NGA: An Eye for Art-Edgar Degas (PDF)

NGA: Kid's Video Tours -look for all 3 artists

Coloring Pages-look for all 3 artists



Music Resources

Classics for Children-audio CD

Making Music Fun- free printable pages

Carnegie Hall-Listening Adventures- free interactive game for Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; requires Adobe Flash

Printable Musical Instruments- not fancy by any means, but possibly helpful

A Famous French Composer- short biography of Saint-Saens