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Year One Selections

Adding to skill subjects such as math, reading and foreign language, and following the teaching methods and philosophy of Charlotte Mason [See notes: HERE], complete the steps below to create your own Year One curriculum. Click on the images to learn more of each guide, see samples and purchase.


Step 1: History

Choose World or American History or Both: 

[3 terms equal 1 school year, since each term is 12 weeks and 3 terms equal 36 weeks.]


Step 2: Geography

Choose 1:


Step 3: Natural History

Choose 1-3, depending on how many terms you devote to each guide:


Step 4: The Children's Hour

Choose 2-3 Poets:

Joyce Sidman

Rose Fyleman

A. A. Milne

Robert Louis Stevenson

Christina Rossetti

Sara Teasdale

Watler de lar Mare

Eugene Field

Choose 2 from Tales, Myths & Legends, with one being Spinning Straw: Tales of Enchantment [Vol. 1 from Fairy Tale Collection]:

Alternatively: Aesop's Fables -Read 1-2 fable(s) per week and narrate using general narration prompts.


Choose 4-5 Books for Literature:












Step 5: The Arts

a) Choose Music:














Introduction to Music [Highly Recommended] or 3 Composers of Your Choice [Select Here]

b) Choose Art: 3 Artists of Your Choice [Select Here]

Step 6: Handcrafts, Folk Songs, Art & Music Technique

Choose your own Handcrafts, Folk Songs and programs for Art & Music Technique

Step 7: Religion & Hymns [OPT]

Choose your own religious study and hymns, if desired.

3 Year Study; Complete 1 Year
1 Year Study
1/2/3 Terms
1/2/3 Terms
1/2/3 Terms
1/2/3 Terms
1 Term
2 Year Study; 1 per Volume
1 Year Study; Selected Myths
1 Year Study
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