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Year Five Selections

Adding to skill subjects such as math, reading and foreign language, and following the teaching methods and philosophy of Charlotte Mason [See notes: HERE], complete the steps below to create your own Year Five curriculum. Click on the images to learn more of each guide, see samples and purchase.


Step 1: History

Choose World, Ancient, American or British History or Multiple Streams [Ancient History typically starts this year.]: 

[3 terms equal 1 school year, since each term is 12 weeks and 3 terms equal 36 weeks.] 














Step 2: Geography

Choose 1-2:







Step 3: Natural History

Choose 1-3, depending on how many terms you devote to each guide:











Step 4: The Children's Hour

Choose 2-3 Poets:

Joyce Sidman

Rose Fyleman

A. A. Milne

Robert Louis Stevenson

Christina Rossetti

Sara Teasdale

Watler de lar Mare

Eugene Field 

William Carlos Williams

Effie Lee Newsome 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Alfred Lord Tennyson


Choose 2-3 from Tales, Myths & Legends, with one being Into the Forest: Enchanted Explorations [Vol. 2 from Fairy Tale Collection], if not already completed:



























Choose 4-5 Books for Literature:















Step 5: The Arts

a) Choose Music:















Introduction to Music [Highly Recommended] or 3 Composers of Your Choice [Select Here]

b) Choose Art: 3 Artists of Your Choice [Select Here]

Step 6: Citizenship

Choose a life from Plutarch. More suggestions coming soon. 


Step 7: Handcrafts, Folk Songs, Art & Music Technique

Choose your own Handcrafts, Folk Songs and programs for Art & Music Technique

Step 8: Religion & Hymns [OPT]

Choose your own religious study and hymns, if desired.

16th-18th Century History Final Cover Page2.jpg
Our Island Story Updated CP.jpg
3 Year Study; Complete 1 Year
1 Year Study
1 Year Study
The Book of the Ancient World GS Cover(1).jpg
1 Year Study
1 Year Study
1 Year Study
2 Terms
Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan CP2.jpg
2 Terms
He Went wtih Marco Polo CP2.jpg
Minn of the Mississippi Guided Study Cover Page2.jpg
2 Terms
2 Terms
1/2/3 Terms
A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky Cover2.jpg
2 Terms
1 Term
Meet the Minibeasts CP2.jpg
2 Terms
By the Shore and In the Sea.jpg
2 Terms
2 Year Study; 1 per Volume
1 Year Study
1 Year Study
1 Year Study
1 Year Study
The Heroes of Asgard Cover Page2.jpg
1 Year Study
The Wind in the Willows CP2.jpg
The Children of the New Forest A Reading Guide Cover Page2.jpg
LWH Cover Page2.jpg
The Princess and the Goblin A Reading Guide CP2.jpg
1 Year Study
1 Term
The Song of Hiawatha Cover Page2.jpg
Tree in the Trail CP2.jpg
1 Year Study
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