The Book of the Ancient Greeks by Dorothy Mills

The Homeric Hymns (Lang)
Plutarch's Lives (Selections) (See the list below)

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You might consider this atlas/book: The First Europeans (Atlas of Human History) by Rossi.


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Plutarch's Lives (Selections listed below):


The first link is for the original Plutarch and the second link is for an adapted children's version of the same life. Choose whichever version you feel is a better fit for your student.



Greek Lives:

Renaissance and Reformation Times by Dorothy Mills















Primary Sources

  • The Portable Renaissance Reader edited by Ross and McLaughlin- selections

  • Readings in European History (Vol. II) by James Harvey Robinson-selections 

  • A Treasury of the World's Greatest Speeches selected and edited by Houston Peterson OPTIONAL-Free printable copies of the speeches needed for this guide are included in the free printable PDF Resource Pages below and for those not in the public domain a link is provided.

  • Resource Pages for Renaissance and Reformation Times-Note: These are contained in a PDF file which can be printed. They are some of the images linked below and are referred to in the guide. I may need to update the file once more when I've completed it. I'm not able to include all of the resources linked below, because I don't want to violate any copyright laws.



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