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A couple of new resources have been added to the list at the bottom of this post. 6-14-17

Here is a list of handcraft suggestions from the PNEU Curriculum:

  • gardening

  • sewing

  • knitting

  • Scouts

  • paper folding

  • charity work

  • woodcarving

  • cooking

  • embroidery

  • weaving

  • woodwork

  • clay modeling

Here are some additional suggestions:

  • flower arranging

  • flower press

  • pottery

  • origami

  • Zentangle

  • scrapbooking

  • photography

  • calligraphy

  • card/notecard/bookmark creations

  • jewelry making

  • quilting

  • model kits

  • knot tying

  • electronics

  • mechanics

  • soap carving

  • herbal creations (soaps, sachets, etc.)

Suggested Books and Resources:

I'll use the section below for links and resources for some of these handcraft suggestions. This will be a continual work in progress, so I will add to this list as I can.

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