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SteveandAmy Glover
Jan 21, 2022
In Forms 3 & 4: Years 7-9
This is Amy and I am wondering if I am missing a complete guide for Year 7? Either way, I could use some history advice for my 7th grader. My daughter is planning to start The Book of Middle Ages next week (and I just ordered your guide for that -- thank you!). I am also thinking of assigning Augustus Caesar's World simultaneously as a separate ancient history strand. Would this be too much? She has looked over it and really liked it. Additionally, we have not done a great job with American history the past few years because I have really struggled with the current selections available and how both the older and newer books handle our racial history. She just finished A History of US, Book 1. Would jumping into William Penn and George Washington's World be too great a leap as well as utter overkill on history? I could have her wait on The Book of Middle Ages but she is already reading a lot of the literature for that era, so it seems like a nice fit. We traveled to England in the fall so she is particularly excited about some of those historical connections. Thanks for any help you have to offer. :)
SteveandAmy Glover
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