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Bonnie Stanton
Mar 15, 2021
In General Questions
I keep seeing mention here and in other places about AMitL booklists for different grades but it doesn't seem that they are published for most of them? I will be homeschooling a 3rd grader and 6th grader. I purchased the program outline and a portion of level 2 to use in the interim until level 3 is up if it makes it by fall but I'm a little confused about what books I should gather for 3 when it comes and for 6 if I use the outline. ETA: just wanted to add that I did not intend this to be a criticism so I hope it doesn't sound like that. Looking over the Year 2 guide and the woods, fields, and forest study, I'm very impressed. This is laid out so clearly it doesn't overwhelm my poor ADHD brain.
Bonnie Stanton
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