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Jan 15, 2018
In Methods and Principles
Hi, I have two kids doing year 1 and year 3. My year 1 student began her education with A Mind in the Light this year. However, my year 3 student used resources I chose from various programs like AO, MA, and others. Now I'm planning our work for the spring and finding that I'd like to substitute a book she has already used. However, I do not want to choose something A Mind in the Light uses in a later year since I plan to stick with it. Is there somewhere on the site we can find a spreadsheet or database of all the books used in all years? That way I can check that when considering a substitution, rather than clicking each individual booklist for whatever I suspect the relevant years would be. Having access to that would be helpful for all users also when browsing in used bookstores or watching online sales, particularly when looking for texts that are on the more expensive side. Being able to look it up would mean we could take advantage of bargains or rare finds. Thanks!
Jul 08, 2017
In Form I: Years 1-3
I'm Bev and I have two daughters, ages 8 and 6, and we are a Jewish homeschooling family living in a suburb of Philadelphia. I'll be using years 3 and 1 with my daughters starting in just a few weeks. We were previously using a combination of Mater Amabilis (literature and science) and Ambleside Online (history and geography) but I was very excited to discover A Mind in the Light because to me it seemed to combine the best aspects of the other two programs. I hope we can get to know one another and build community and help our children grow and learn together!
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