Jan 15, 2018

Booklist Spreadsheet?


Hi, I have two kids doing year 1 and year 3. My year 1 student began her education with A Mind in the Light this year. However, my year 3 student used resources I chose from various programs like AO, MA, and others. Now I'm planning our work for the spring and finding that I'd like to substitute a book she has already used. However, I do not want to choose something A Mind in the Light uses in a later year since I plan to stick with it.


Is there somewhere on the site we can find a spreadsheet or database of all the books used in all years? That way I can check that when considering a substitution, rather than clicking each individual booklist for whatever I suspect the relevant years would be.


Having access to that would be helpful for all users also when browsing in used bookstores or watching online sales, particularly when looking for texts that are on the more expensive side. Being able to look it up would mean we could take advantage of bargains or rare finds. Thanks!

Jan 16, 2018

Hi Bev,


I completely understand how much easier it is to have a complete booklist. :) I like to be able to purchase books as they are available too.


I have 3 printable scope and sequences here on the website, which I will link below for you. However, I do think that they will need to be updated. I have recently moved and exchanged a few books. Also, I don't think the history book are listed out either.


I will try to put something more thorough together as soon as I can.


Scope and Sequences

Jan 17, 2018

Thanks, I've seen the scopes and sequences before but the third one that has the science/natural history topics only lists subjects (such as "marine biology") not book titles at all so that really isn't going to help me find a suitable substitution. Since I posted, I've gone through and looked at the booklists for years 1-6 and made some notes but ultimately I just went on the Baldwin Project website and chose a similar book on the topic since I really only needed a sub for a few weeks. Everything else was fine. Once my daughter starts year 4 I won't need to worry about subs any more.


While I was looking at the scopes and sequences though (and this wasn't germane to my original problem), I was comparing them to the booklists for the form 2 and form 3 years and I was a little confused. For example, the history scope and sequence says that year 6 and year 7 both have some ancients, but year 6 booklist only has US and modern titles and year 7 booklist only has medieval titles. I'm curious what ideas you have for second stream ancients.

Jan 17, 2018Edited: Jan 17, 2018

Hi Bev,


I need to go back and edit and update those, I think. :) Let me look at them and I'll add to this post.


ETA: The book lists for Year Six and Seven have the Ancient History books at the very end-after the art, composer and Plutarch studies.


Also, please feel free to contact me with any book questions that you might have. I'd be happy to help. If you still would like the books used and additional book suggestions for the Marine Biology as I have it so far, I can send you those too.


Unfortunately, I've had to "bury" my book lists a little more, hence the new arrangement with them.


I will try and add more specific titles to the science and nature study section on the scope and sequences soon. I know this would be more helpful. :)

Jan 17, 2018

Thanks for your help. Like I said, I have come up with a work around for the spring, and next year in year 4 we are fine, my daughter will be aligned with your sequences for stuff.


I see now what you meant by the ancients choices on years six and seven. I didn't even think to look separately from "history". I got it now.


Why did you "bury" your booklists? I remember last summer when I was switching over to AMitL, everything was so easy to find.



Mar 24, 2018

Hi Bev,


I did update the scope and sequences-adding at least some of the actual book titles to the science and Natural History category. I just wanted to let you know. :)

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