Sep 1, 2017

Foreign language


What have you found effective/worthwhile for foreign language for this form? What have you tried and it didn't fit? What do you wish you had done?

Sep 1, 2017

How old are your child or children?

Sep 4, 2017


Which foreign language are you considering?

We included French and Latin and my younger daughter still wants me to find a way to include German.

We used Nallenart's L'Art de Lire (a 6 book Canadian series) which we enjoyed a great deal for French. Currently, my younger daughter is working in Breaking the Barrier French and will be starting Nallenart's L'Art d'Ecrire as well. I'm still working on the greater details of our French lessons, but I can post back here as soon as I have. :)

For Latin, my younger daughter dabbled in some different books, but this year will begin Latin in earnest. I have The Form series from Memoria Press (First Form, Second Form, etc.) along with Henle, and several other programs. I'm still planning on starting her in First Form Latin, but I may add to or adjust this over the next few weeks.

I have an odd assortment of resources for German, and I want to be settled in the first two languages before adding anything else.

I do have some links saved on my computer with resources, but I'll need some time to organize these. I'd like to bring a more Charlotte Mason approach to our studies, which is partly why I'm still needing to organize my thoughts better. Once I've had time to study this and sort out my own questions, then I can post about this on the blog and I'll share my resources on the website under Resources, Skill Subjects and Foreign Languages.

Sep 4, 2017

We began copywork last year for Latin, words then simple sentences. My older learns well by reading and writing. It is a strength for her.


We've been working on German since they were small. What I finally found helped was teaching a class. They did better when there were other children. Having 2-3 more students made it easier not to feel silly singing or talking on very simple subjects.


It forced me to learn how to teach. I learned to be consistent and concise. I introduced vocabulary and slowly built up using real objects when possible. This class now has a good foundation built gradually over several years and is now working on grammar, reading, and written narrations.


I can do that for German, because I speak it. I found good material and knew how to modify it, chose songs with vocabulary we knew or could build on, made simple games to help them practice. Most did better when they had something to hold in their hands-game cards, objects, pictures, etc.


I want to know how to find good material and make good plans for a language I don't know well-French. We are staring French as the third language. So, would it replace German on the PNEU program? We wouldn't be starting in the same way as Form I, would we?

Sep 9, 2017

I went through a Charlotte Mason timetable yesterday. I was curious to see what was recommended on times and frequency of lessons for Form II. I have read what people recommend. It is not nearly as rigorous as on the schedule. She had six thirty minute lessons and rotated between two-three languages. They also sing twenty minutes a week in each modern language. I read that singing would have included a lesson on the meaning of the words in the songs.


They worked up to this in Form I. I think if you do the Form I work that this amount and variety is feasible. We are currently doing Latin. We do German where Charlotte would have done French. I will try adding French where she would have done German.


I'm sure everything was not ordered the same every term, every year. But, I liked seeing it laid out; seeing a picture of how it could be done.



Sep 11, 2017



I'm sorry for not getting back to you, but I was out of town for several days. :) I'm working on getting my thoughts and plans together for foreign language study, so I'll post back here soon. I did post some resources for languages, although I do still plan to add more. I'll get back to these questions soon. :)

Sep 15, 2017

Hi! I've finally posted what I've learned so far about learning languages the Charlotte Mason way. I do plan to look through some of the resources she used as well as others that I've found and see how I want to organize and use them. I'll share what I've learned as soon as I can.


Here is the link to the post: Learning Languages


Also, to answer one of your previous questions...I do think that you could simply invert the arrangement of French and German. This would have your spending the majority of your Form I and II years progressing in German and adding French songs in Form II and a fuller study of French in Form III. When you add French you would not need to simplify quite as much, so singing would be fine, but singing games would not be necessary. Also, you would be using books and resources more appropriate for that level.


Let me know if I can do anything else. I was able to find a couple of resources that might be helpful in teaching German, so be sure to check the Resources: Skill Subjects and Foreign Languages page. :)

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